About Us

St. Andrews Golf Club is a private equity owned club. The members are the owners and therefore have a collective responsibility to ensure that the current and future prosperity of the club is preserved. We are family oriented with a diverse membership of all ages, genders, races, and religions. We are primarily a golf club but also promote a variety of charity events, social activities, health, wellness, camaraderie, and good fun for our membership.

Become a Member - Why Join St. Andrews

Golf is the ultimate game for life

So maybe you haven’t played golf before and you’re wondering if it might be too late to give it a shot. Some get going at an early age, but the fact is most golfers in Trinidad & Tobago start learning to play golf well into their adult life. So no, it’s never too late to start!

The other thought you may have, is that the game looks pretty boring. As an observer this may be true, but as a player, golf is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of exhilaration and sporting challenge all rolled into one. There is a very good reason that 66 million people play this sport worldwide; it’s fun and you can play until a ripe old age!

Be part of the St Andrews’ Family

Golf is a very sociable game, and for decades private golf clubs have fostered very close ties among its members. This is mainly because the lime at the Member’s Bar after a round sometimes takes greater precedence than the golf itself! At the end of the day, there is a feeling of belonging at St Andrews. Here, everyone knows your name.

Get listed on our Business Directory

In 2023 St Andrews will be launching its Business Directory. This is an optional service which will allow members to list the companies they represent. When procuring goods and services, members generally prefer to patronize member companies. The Business Directory will help to grow your business and expand your network.

Sign up the whole family

Golf is not only the international game of business, but it also appeals to the entire family! Kids of members pay a nominal fee to join the club and spouses are always welcome. Enjoy the ambiance around the pool, have a bite at our restaurant, hit some balls on the range or just hang out at the Member’s Bar.

Reap the health benefits!

Physical inactivity causes over three million deaths worldwide each year. As golf can provide moderate-intensity physical activity – you can reap the rewards and outpace the grim reaper.
A Swedish study found a 40% lower mortality rate amongst golfers, relative to non-golfers. That means a potential extra 5-years of healthy living – regardless of age, or gender! Not only does it potentially add years to your life; it can also add life to your years by improving multiple quality-of-life markers.