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Stephen Ames’ Profile

Life for Ames should be much easier in the USA. Travelling will become much simpler and of course, the stakes are much higher. Ames also has a choice at two apples. He had qualified for both the European and US tours. One expects him to concentrate heavily on the US circuit, while playing a few selective tournaments in England.

Despite all his achievements Ames has never been able to cop the sportsman of the year award. Not so much that he had not been performing, but more to the fact he has been up against stiff competition and also that the judges do not understand golf. One year there was Brian Lara, then the last two years Ato Boldon. One comparison however. While Ato Boldon, who won this country two Olympic bronze medals in 1996, was voted sportsman of the year, Tiger Woods, who won three amateur tournaments in the USA, and was about to turn professional, was named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year over Michael Johnson, gold medallist in the 200 metres ahead of Ato and gold medallist in the 400 metres in world record time, at the Atlanta Olympics. Ames may never be Trinidad and Tobago’s Sportsman of the Year, but he is certainly their Golfer of the Century!

NB. Sadly, Eddy Odingi died of kidney failure in June 2000, at the age of 59.

Reprinted here with the kind permission of Eddy Odingi from the February 1998 edition of the Golf Open Magazine.

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