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Training Videos

We’ve provided some useful videos from top golf instructors below. Click any of the links to display the respective video galleries.

Golf Instruction – Club Face Release Jeff Ritter – More Distance Golf Basics : How Do You Measure Golf Clubs for a Travel Case?
Golfing Tips : How to Improve Your Short Game Golf Tips : Golf Tips on Driving Distance Short Game Drills DVD from PurePoint Golf
Golf Instruction – Pitching Drill. By Jeff Ritter Golf Instruciton – Chipping Golf Instruction – Green Reading, By Jeff Ritter
How To Read Greens Jeff Ritter – Plane Drill Golf Swing Demo – Jeff Ritter – One Plane Swing
Jeff Ritter – One Plane Swing – Driver Jeff Ritter – Swing Plane Drill Jeff Ritter – The Release
Jeff Ritter – Swing Plane – Hoop Drill Jeff Ritter – Faults and Fixes (Backswing Across Line) Jeff Ritter – Curing Your Slice
How to use a driver and not slice it Jeff Ritter – The Transition Golf Putting Instruction : Pendulum Putting Style
Golf Putting Instruction : Putting Back Swing Golf Putting Instruction : Long Putting Golf Putting Instruction : Putting Stances
Golf Putting Instruction : Downhill Putts Golf Putting Instruction : Left to Right Putts Golf Tips, Lessons, Instruction & Drills – Putting Grip
April 2008: 6 Weeks to a Killer Putting Stroke How to Improve Your Putting : Putting Speed Drills Golf Bunker Sand Shots – Golf Swing Lessons, Tips & Instruction
Basic Setup for Bunker Shots – from Mulligan+ Buried Bunker Shot Made Easy; #1 Most Popular Golf Teacher on You Tube Shawn Clement Golf Chipping & Pitching : Golf Pitching: 9 Iron
Golf Chipping & Pitching : Golf Pitching: 60 Degree Wedge Golf Chipping & Pitching Tips : Golf Chipping & Pitching: 60 Degree Wedge Golf Tips: Pitching from heavy rough
Golf: Pitch Shot Golf Instruction – Great Chipping Golf Chipping Instruction
Golf Tips – The Chip Shot – Short Game

Golf Fitness Guys present – Stop that Sway Golf Exercise Ball Training Tips – Mike Pedersen Trainer Golf Fitness: 5 Golf Fitness Exercises
Golf Tip To Hit Longer Drives – Simple Golf Core Exercises Power Golf Wrist Rotation Exercise – Mike Pedersen Golf Training Golf Shoulder Exercises To Improve Backswing And Prevent Injury
Pre-Golf Warm Up Exercises For Golf Swing Golf Stretching Exercise For Golfers Lower Back Strain Golf Swing Posture Exercise – Hamstring Stretch For Balance
Golf Exercise – Band Turn for Core Golf Strength

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