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Golf Lessons

We at St. Andrews Golf Club take pride in saying that we have the best rated professional instructors based here. Collectively, the three Professional Instructors have over 100 years of golfing experience. Call on us today at 629-GOLF or 629-0066 x 26.


  • TTD280.00 per hour
  • Book 8 lessons and get 2 free lessons
  • Book 12 lessons and get 3 free lessons
Course Lessons
  • TTD300.00 for 9 holes
  • TTD500.00 for 18 holes

Lessons are to be arranged via the Pro Shop. Please call 868-629-0066 option 2 for further details.


The Junior Golf Clinic, which is held on Mondays and Fridays from 4:00pm – 6:00pm, was first started in 1994 by Jean de Meillac. At that time the clinic attracted all the playing juniors which were no more than 12 playing juniors. Over the years the programme has been modified and streamlined, so that today the junior clinic is for beginners only.

The number of Juniors permitted to join this clinic is limited to the number of our golf professionals available to give lessons.

Experience has shown that to effectively teach Junior golfers, no more than seven golfers per professional should be permitted. One has to be a member of St. Andrews Golf Club to join the Junior Clinic. The minimum age for joining St. Andrews is 7 years of age. The current fees (2012) for Juniors 7-18 years are $1,680.00 in a calendar year.

It is not compulsory to join the junior clinic, though advisable to do so. It is also advisable that apart from being in the junior clinic, juniors should practice at least three (3) times per week if they are to get the maximum benefits from the programme and improve their golf.

  • TTD120.00 per hour
  • Book 8 lessons and get 2 free lessons
  • Book 12 lessons and get 3 free lessons


  • Anthony Gill: 738- 3690 (mobile)
  • Anthony Bernard Benny: 308-7681 (mobile)
  • Peter Lutchmansingh: 478-0868 (mobile)

All lessons must be booked through the Pro Shop, 629-0066 ext 26.

Learn-to-Play Programme

Every month we host a Learn to Play Programme which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 6pm to 7pm. Our next Learn to Play Programme is carded in March 2012 (6th to 22nd), make up sessions can be organised if you join now. The cost is $300.00 per person for the six (6) sessions and this can be paid at the office (629-0066 ext. 34 or 28 for Director of Golf, Robert Llanos or Marissa Seijas).

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