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SAGC and The Hoerman Cup


The Hoerman Cup and the more recent associated tournaments are without doubt, the premier regular golfing occasions in the Caribbean, even if only for amateurs.

 The Hoerman Cup was first played in 1957 as a match play competition between Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago and it continued that way for seven years with each country acting as host alternately.  In Jamaica it was usually played at the Cayman’s Club while in Trinidad the St. Andrews Course at La Sieva was chosen three times and Pointe-a-Pierre once.

On those early teams were several St. Andrews Players who still play – Robert and Brian Grell, John Sellier, Peter Hale and Nigel Slinger.

There was an abrupt change in the format in 1964 when the original two countries were joined by Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic and Barbados, and the tournament became a stroke play event with, as before, each country taking turns hosting.  The O.E.C.S. produced a team from 1987.

In the twenty-nine years from 1964 to the present T&T have been host nation eight times with St. Andrews, la Sieva being used three times, Moka twice, Pointe-a-Pierre twice and Mount Irvine, Tobago once.

With the introduction of Seniors (1969) and super Seniors (1990) many of the old team members continue to be the same St. Andrews players – now veterans with Robert Grell, now a senior, representing the country a record twenty-one times in the Hoerman Cup.

Altogether eighteen St. Andrews Club members have played at least once in the Hoerman Cup and have dominated, in numbers at least, the past teams.  The best par 72 course performance by a Trinidadian was in 1981 at Moka when Stephen Ames of Pointe-a-Pierre shot 294 for the four rounds.  He also set a course record at Sandy Lane, Barbados in the 1986 event.

In 1989, at the Paradise Island Club in the Bahamas, Chris Richards of Chaguaramas was level par for three rounds when rain put an end to the proceedings.

In the Francis Steele-Perkins (Seniors) event, several St. Andrews players have been either in the two or four man teams.  The “Super Seniors” teams have been mainly St. Andrews Players while in the George Teale Trophy for Ladies, played since 1990, each local team has been comprised of only St. Andrews members.

St. Andrews courses have proved to be lucky for the T&T teams.  Up to and including 1992 the Hoerman Cup has been played Thirty-six times with T&T hosting the Cup nine times.  T&T has won the Cup sixteen times, eight times at home and eight times away.  When played at St. Andrews we have only lost the Cup once, back in 1961 in the old match play days at La Seiva.

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