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Noteworthy Persons

Over the many years, many noteworthy persons played a significant role in establishing what St. Andrews is today. Below is a brief listing of some of the persons who, in some way, had a significant influence in the club and golf in Trinidad and Tobago.



Longest Acting President  – 13 years (1921-1945)

Through his generousity the club now owns the majority of shares in Maraval Lands Ltd. which allowed the club to sell what is now known as Fairways to build the Moka Course.

He actually bought many Maraval Land Ltd. Shares and donated them to the club while convincing an other large share holder, Mr. I. Phillips to will his shares to the club.

Mr. McBride’s son Ian is still a member (one of the longest members).



Began his golf club work in 1972 when he joined Peter Hale as his assistant in the construction of the Moka Course.  Richard hired Danny Munroe from the Santa Cruz Estate, and through Danny most of the course members were found.

Richard assisted Peter Hale (the Greens Chairman) until 1980 when he became the elected Greens Chairman until he left in 1989.

Richard was a perfectionist and was at the Course every day at 6:00am to schedule the days work (as for many years the Club has no Course Maintenance Manager).

Being an estate man, he enjoyed a special relationship with his staff (they understood each other) but he insisted on good discipline.

He always managed to keep the course in top condition with far too little finances.


ROY RUDDER – 1908 – 1984

Roy Rudder (The Boss) began his Golf career in 1921 at the Savannah course where he started working as a caddie just prior to the move to the ‘new’ course at St. James.

In the 1930’s he was given the job as the First St. Andrews Golf Club professional, and he joined the British PGA after World War II.

He represented Trinidad in Jamaica and Columbia and was reported to have ‘shot’ a 59 at the tricky par 67 La Sieva Course.  He was a kind and dedicated man who taught many of this Country’s top amateurs and professional Golfers.

He an Bobby Sellier were the only two Golfers who played on all four St. Andrews Golf club Courses, and he was one of the central figures in the history of the Club.

He passed away at Moka in 1984, but his memory is preserved by his picture hanging at the Club accompanied by his trusty putter.



Robert Grell undoubtedly is the “Winningest” Golf at St. Andrews Golf Club.

He has won the Club’s Frontenac trophy 29 times since 1956.  The nature of the Frontenac competition is that it best identifies the most consistent top golfers.

He has won most of the Club tournaments at one time or another, including the Club championship 7 times.  He has also won the T&T Open 5 times.

He has represented Trinidad & Tobago in the Hoerman Cup Tournament a record 21 times and is still considered a strong contender for every major tournament he enters.



Peter Hale holds the record for consecutive appearances in the Hoerman

Cup Tournament.

He represented Trinidad & Tobago 17 times in a row from 1960 to 1976.  He is the Club member who undertook the supervision of the construction of the Moka Course, a project that occupied him for three years during which time high boots and a cutlass were used more often than golf shoes and clubs.

He had a significant impact on the construction of the Front Nine greens.

Peter who has been our Club’s President and President of the T.T.G.A. now represents Trinidad in the Super Seniors Division.



Brian Grell, known for his ‘sweet’ smooth swing, excellent short game and musical skills, is truly an ‘all-rounder’ in Golf.

He represented Trinidad & Tobago 20 times in the Hoerman Cup (second only to his brother Robert) and was a tremendous team leader and pressure player.

Over the years he devoted much of his time to the development of Junior Golf through organisation and coaching.

He has also worked with the T&T teams as selector and non-playing captain.

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